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The White Sands Are Pristine

Consistently rated as one of the best islands in the Caribbean, Anguilla is a little slice of heaven that is a close flight away from many North American cities. Measuring 16 miles by 3 miles, Anguilla has a population of approximately 17,000 people.

Anguilla is small, but perfectly formed if you like beaches! According to Travel & Leisure, CN Traveler, Forbes, and countless other publications, Anguilla has some of the best (if not the best) beaches anywhere in the world. With over 33 beaches located on the island, it’s not hard to find the perfect one. Anguilla is Here are some of our favourites:

Meads Bay Beach
Meads Bay, located on the Western side of the island, is close to a mile long and anchored by 5-star resorts on either end (The Four Seasons and Malliouhana). On the beach you’ll find everything from fine dining restaurants – such as Jacala, Blanchards and others – to fun beach bars – such as waves and the beach shack – to fun spots with live music and great food such as Ocean Echo and Turtle Hat. Of course, you’ll also find some of the most spectacular villas on the island on this famous beach – including the Beach House (INSERT LINK) and Kishti on Meads (INSERT LINK).

The best part about this beach – the sand is white, and the water is turquoise. In addition to lounging on this beautiful beach, you’ll find beachgoers taking part in activities such as snorkelling, parasailing and surfing.

Shoal Bay East Beach
No list talking about the best beaches in Anguilla would be complete without mentioning Shoal Bay East. This beach has been called the “best beach in the Caribbean” and is often ranked amongst the top beaches in the world. The water is an impossible colour of blue, and the white sand feels perfect on your feet. The beach is on the eastern side of the island and stretches for more than a mile (you can walk from end to end). Much like Meads Bay Beach, Shoal Bay East has a number of great accommodation options, including high-end villas (INSERT LINK) and beautiful luxury hotels, such as Manoah, and the newly built Zemi Beach.

The dining options are plentiful between Gwen’s famous Reggae Grill, Madeariman restaurant, Manoah, Zemi Beach House and more.

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