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Anguilla Property in 2021: A Year of Hope

I think enough has been said about the rollercoaster of a year that 2020 was. Outside of a global conflict, which thankfully we haven’t had for a long time, it’s rare when everyone on the planet is faced with the same challenge. As challenging as last year was, the first 60+ days of 2021 gives us hope and expectation for Anguilla travel and Anguilla property.

The vaccines bring hope to many

Regardless of your stance on vaccines, it is great news that there are multiple vaccines already being distributed. We hope that this will put a dent in the rising infection numbers globally.

Locally, Anguilla received 8,000 doses of the Astra-Zeneca vaccines in the first week of February and started an aggressive campaign of vaccination.

As of March 9, 2021, the Health Authority has given first doses to 4,493 of the 5,839 persons who have registered. Vaccinations are still ongoing and second doses are scheduled for a few weeks. 

We’re hopeful that this will mean a gradual loosening of restrictions to entering Anguilla in the coming months. We missed out on a vibrant festive season on the back end of 2020, so this is welcome news. 

Hope for Anguilla travel

2020 wasn’t all bad though, and one of the brightest spots was the sale of one of our largest properties. Towards the end of the year, the Resorts & Residences by CuisinArt was sold. The new owner – Richard M. Schulze, founder of electronics chain Best Buy – has expressed a desire to make the golf resort even better.

This is hopeful news for the island. 

Short term, construction is sure to get a boost, as work is being planned to rebuild Cuisinart’s solar farm, hydroponic farm and renovate the spa, among other things. 

Longer term, any significant investment in Anguilla’s flagship properties helps the rest of the industry. We saw a lot of new Anguilla visitors over the past 3-5 years after Malliouhana, Cap Juluca, as well Four Seasons were sold, renovated and rebranded. 

New guests are being introduced to the island and falling in love with it. They are becoming repeat visitors, trying out villa rentals, and even buying property. We’re hopeful for what Cuisinart’s sale will mean for us in the coming months and years.

Hope for Anguilla real estate

Despite everything happening globally, interest in Anguilla property remains as high as it has ever been. We are getting a steady stream of inquiries from buyers who are looking to protect themselves and their families – from the pandemic; as well as their wealth – from the economic uncertainty we are facing. 

Many prospective buyers are simply waiting until they can get vaccinated, before deciding to travel. We fully expect once our restrictions start easing in a few months, that we will start to see even more movement in the market. 

With what we have gone through over the past 12 months, seeing light at the end of the tunnel is all we can ask for. We’re looking forward to what the rest of 2021 will bring.

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