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2020 introduced some new catch phrases to common usage: social distancing, quarantine, work-from-home, isolation, zoom meeting, virtual happy hour. All a bit unpleasant, but necessary to cope with what’s going on.

The biggest shift has been the rise of remote work.

Cities are facing an exodus, with those who can, deciding to move to smaller towns. What the pandemic has shown us is that many of the things we do for work can be done from anywhere. Many companies have decided to make entire departments work remotely on a permanent basis. For them, the cost savings on office space are great. For many of the workers, the freedom to now choose where to live is very attractive.

Anguilla has risen to the COVID challenge

Over the last 10 months, Anguilla has earned much praise for its handling of the pandemic. From our entry requirements, to the public education campaigns, it has been a great example of cooperation between public health services, and private enterprise to achieve a great outcome.

Our 10-14 quarantine protocols will stay in place for the foreseeable future. They have served us quite well, too. A few guests did arrive on the island and tested positive for COVID-19, but all were identified while they were in quarantine. Thankfully, the local population was not exposed.

Anguilla is ready for remote work

With our world becoming more location-independent, Anguilla is a fantastic alternative to life in more crowded cities.

We have a very cosmopolitan local environment with long-term residents and visitors from all over the world. We have great infrastructure, great food, of course our beaches are world-class.

There are lots of long-term rentals available and the island has a growing number of guests already taking up the opportunity and have been with us for a while. We have guests staying long-term in our villas for the first part of this year, with more reservations booked a few months out.

You can visit the Anguilla Tourist Board’s official web resource to find even more information on staying longer, and working remotely. 

Come home and stay longer

What we think is a great opportunity is the ability to buy property in Anguilla that you will be able to use for extended periods of time.

Island Dream closed on a number properties in 2020 with buyers who are now living in, and working from Anguilla. Far from the typical snowbird, or retiree that we are used to, we are seeing younger buyers. Professionals in their 30s and 40s – some with young families – are interested in Anguilla, and are looking to buy property here.

What they have in common is the ability to work, or run their businesses, from anywhere in the world. 

Now is a great time to buy. The Government of Anguilla has kept stamp duties and transfer taxes at just 10% for foreign buyers. For a $1m property, that would translate to a $75,000 saving!

As a bonus, our Residency-by-investment programme provides pathways to permanent residency for properties over US $750,000. It also provides tax residency for properties worth over US $400,000, with some conditions.

The quality, and variety of housing stock is as good as it has ever been. A significant uptick in construction in the years since Hurricane Irma has seen a number of new, wonderfully designed villas being built. Even more are under construction at the moment. Many older properties have also gone on the market, sold and have been renovated. 

Great properties for remote work

We’re particularly excited about Little Harbour Villa. A 2,250 sq. ft., 2-bedroom, 2-storey home in the quiet Little Harbour/George Hill area. It has 1000 sq. ft. of outdoor space complete with an outdoor kitchen and dining area that’s made for entertaining. As a plus, it comes with a home office space making it perfect for a single person or couple looking for a place to work remotely.

Also hot is Cottage By The Sea on Shoal Bay East. Sitting on 1.33 acres, with panoramic ocean views, this recently renovated West Indian style home is perfect for larger families.

We have a number of other great properties that would make for a great work-from-home retreat for extended periods of time. Whatever you choose, know that Anguilla is ready to welcome you home.

Until we see you again, please stay safe.

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